We take pleasure in introducing Rosetta Products as a leading brand in Interior Decoration Solutions. We take pride as a one stop shop for all your Interior Product requirements. We carry stocks of all products and have a large variety of designs to choose from. Our Product range includes Carpets \ Carpet Tiles \ Laminate Flooring \ Floor Art \ Vinyl Flooring \ Wallpapers \ Artificial Grass \ Swissfloor \ Sunset Collection \ Hand Tufted Carpet \

Rosetta today takes pride in having a satisfied customer base and its presence in the Middle East, African, South American, Asian and Australian. Quality Products and Prompt Service forms the basis of our business.

Client Say

Hotel Seashore, Excellent Quality, India
Rosetta has provided us the excellent quality flooring at very competitive prices..

The Mall, Best of service at cost effective prices, India
Rosetta was so prompt to our request, they provided the best of service at cost effective prices..

Murtaza Mala, India
When we built our new home in 2009, we knew it would be our last. We wanted the best of everything! That's why we chose Rosetta for our flooring needs. The crew was awesome, helping us pick the products, colors, and designs that WE liked.

Anjuman E Burhani, Singapore
Our Masjid, Burhani Masjid is situated in the heart of Singapore. This year we planned to refurbish the carpets in our beautiful masjid and the Rosetta team helped us with selection, procurement and shipping to Singapore.